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E-PET™ by Pall Corporation

E-Pet™, distributed by Equine Partners America, is a portable kit that makes the harvesting, filtration and injection of a horse's own platelet-rich plasma extremely easy and maximally effective. Made in America by Pall Corporation, E-PET™ achieves the three key factors of successful platelet therapy.
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Provides the veterinarian harvested, expanded and cultured bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells. The cells are authenticated by the laboratory as to their cell type and quantity, then delivered to the clinic for implantation into the donor horse..

AutoCell-EQ by RenovoCyte

AutoCell-EQ, distributed by Equine Partners America, provides the veterinarian skin cell-derived stem cells. A simple punch biopsy is a less invasive method of harvesting the cell source. These cells can be given intravenously, or in injection doses for direct administration into a lesion, or injury area.
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